Camp Wobniar

    An Adirondack Cabin


Close yet miles away....







Sunset over the lake as seen from Wobniar's cove.





The cabin and Wobniar's "trademark" red wooden Adirondack chairs surrounding the fire pit.     



Blue canoe - your ticket to explore the lake. This is a 16' ABS (i.e. decently light) canoe made by Canada's Nova Craft Canoe. It comes with cane seats, wooden paddles, and life vests. Not to mention three kayaks: a 13' Perception Acadia, a 12.5' Walden Vista (that weighs only 37 lbs!), and a 9.5' Old Town Otter. Use at will...    



Bass - this one a 16" smallmouth caught from Wobniar's dock - are common in Rainbow's waters. Northern pike, perch, and catfish are also plentiful.



The cabin's exterior, here showing the screened porch, blends in to its environment without fanfare, as it should.

Our thanks go out to Noel Prellwitz for the great exterior refurbishment work.



When you see this, you have arrived...


Dusk on Rainbow Lake.

    Back porch glow draws you in

Side porch at dusk.



And afternoon sun on Wobniar's cove.


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